We treat every client as our ONLY client.   
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Why call us??!!
Why call us?

Here are the no-nonsense reasons why you should call Herman Alarcon, Esq. instead of another lawyer:

1. We only take cases that will provide the outcome you want or better.

2. We are obsessive about holding your hand throughout a proceeding. We give you 24 hour access.

3. We are reasonably priced.

4. We are a one lawyer office!!! Yes, ONE lawyer. Not five, ten or twenty. This means 100% knowledge of you case at all times. And guess what? The large firms want to fool you into thinking that more is better, but that is not true for the cases we handle. We often get clients that are not happy with the large law firms because each time they visit that office, it is a different lawyer handling the matter. You don't want that.